Monday, August 11, 2008


I sincerely try to keep this blog upbeat but sometimes I don't write because my mood is down. Well, maybe that's a mistake. I'm quite upset today, maybe I shouldn't be but it bothers me.
the girls @ work were talking about some other person, a former coworker, referring to her weight, she short & heavy, which makes her seem twice as big as she is. They were talking about how bad it is, which is true, health wise, then it went to cracks about how she looked. Hmm, some friends. Mind you, one of the friends is overweight herself. She's taller than the aforementioned lady & I, but nevertheless, at least 80 or so overweight. I myself am about the same, but being short, it looks worse on me than on her. & oh yeah, she had a month or 2 where she did weight watchers & lost about 20-25 lbs. Well, good for her.....
Anyhow, the cracks went on for a moment & I sat here, conscious they could also refer to me. I said aloud " Thanks _____". & she said "Well its true. You are what you are"
Ummm, yeah, thanks for the reminder that IM fucking fat. I'd almost forgotten you know. What would I have done without your reminders. AS IF I could ever forget.
Am I over sensitive?
Doesn't help that I'm just getting back into dieting & going back to the gym & working out. FUck, I'm TRYING.