Monday, August 4, 2008

Tokyo in Tulsa

SO I said I was tokyo'd out. I was wrong. We went back on Sunday for the final day of the convention. I actually had a pretty good time. Not only did Kayla & I go, Abi went, & Kayla's BFF Valerie went too, & Zane, my stepson showed up as well. Tried to get some cash to buy Abi some of her beloved Pocky, but the ATM was down, so we trekked to 5th & Main to the bank to get cash. BLEH, it was over 100 .
WHEn we got back, Zane had arrived, so we trekked around awhile, then the kids all started lining up & did whats called a 'caramel dance' line. They were having a blast, up the escalator, down the hall, zigging in & out of room, down stairs, out the building, around the corner, down more stairs, in the main doors, up the escalator again, zigging thru more room, back down the escalator & up again, round & round it went. I captured a little video on my phone but the quality blows. :(
Im hoping something else shows up on youtube. If anyone else has photos or videos, shout out to me.
All in all, there was a great time had by all. The con staff, directors, vendors, hotel staff & everyone involved were great! I am actually looking forward to the next one (next time Ill wear better shoes to walk in!)