Thursday, August 14, 2008

random stuff

Sooo sleepy today, almost fell asleep in the bathroom. Now that's bad.lol Stayed up too late last night. Me & Jeff had a project.
We built me a new desk, the one I had was falling apart & it just want't working. It sounds redneck as hell, but its quite practical. 8 crates, fastened together, 4 on each side, creating 8 storage cubbies, & MDF across the top. Eventually I'll put laminate countertop on it & spray paint the crates the same color & attach it to the top with large bolts.
Managed to hurt my shoulder again, the rotator cuff thingy, Id hurt it awhile back & reinjured it I guess. DId a lot of yard work, weedeating, mowing, weeding by hand & cleaning up the front quite a bit. Also got the pool started draining, moved some crap around in the back yard & helped jeff load the now broken big screen tv into the truck-which is now being serviced-pray for it.lol
work is.............bleh, I sooo dont want to be here. JUst dont see things getting much better.
Jeff is going to rebuild my machine, make it a little faster. YAY
Abigail has decided she wants to play the violin. WHile I love the idea of one of my children becoming a musical virtusos, I also know my child & she hates doing any kind of work.lol This is going to be a challenge, I hope she enjoys it at least, that will make the whole year go smoother. I cant wait to see her progress & hear her play . Of course, the screeching that comes with learning, hmmmm, may get some earplugs.
saturday is a full moon, im going to make a point to be outside that night, rain or not, IM getting back to what I need to do.....
I've been experiencing spiritual burnout & it occurred to me why. several reasons really, 1- Im not making myself get out there 2- IM allowing other things to get in the way of doing it & not making it a priority. 3-Im not supposed to be publicly 'out there'. IM just not very comfortable around groups of people, with the exception of Glorias groups. I feel at ease at those, used to feel that way about esbat, of course, im so out of that now, itd be hard to get back to it.We'll see. for now, Im gonna make it a point to do 'something' each day, if only for 5 minutes. & to mark the special days as they should be, by myself, may involve the girls as time goes on & im more into it again.
about to embark on the 2nd half of the 'carpet sucks' project.
time to get rid of all the staples & paint the floor. going to go with a deep brown color, hope it looks as good as it sounds in my head.