Monday, July 14, 2008

Trip part 2

After eating we loaded back up, first feeding the gulls.lol then headed back for the docks just in time to line up.

WHOOPS! I forgot to grab the tick
ets from the glovebox, so we all raced back to the car, got the tickets & rushed back to the boat, thinking we were going to get crummy seats.
It wasnt too full so the girls alternated between the upper deck on the outside & the lower deck which was inside.

Me & Jeff pretty much stayed above deck & snapped a few hundred photos.

It was quite chilly & the girls couldn't take the cold much, so I plied them wit
h a few dollars & they found the snack bar!

We traveled into the American side lock & watched the water rise,

then we sailed on out across into Canadian waters,

also visiting the Algoma Steel plant,

& seeing several sailboats,

freighters & ships along the way.

Then we came back into the Canadian side lock & watched the water go down to join us into Lake Huron

& back into American waters.

This was a fantastic tour.