Thursday, July 31, 2008

random rants and ramblings, or workblogging part 92,387,536,776,598

It's been a jumbled up crazy kind of time here in okiemom land.
so last week I went to the courthouse, as I generally do 2x a week for my job, dropping off docs to be recorded & picking up some, etc. I clipped my keys on a carbiner clip I have on my bag. Walk thru the parking lot, thru the courtyard, halfway across the courthouse, treasurers office, clerks office, 2 elevators & back across & down to the garage again. No keys.....
I trace my steps over & over, looking under every car I may have passed, the stairs, check in all the surrounding buildings front desks in case they were turned in, had the sheriffs deputy even feeling bad for me. I was stuck.
Finally, after about an hour or more of this, I broke down & called Jeff, who seemed quite annoyed, he fired up the mammoth behemoth & trekked downtown, after borrowing 10. to put in the tank of the beast & came to my rescue. He unlocked the door w/ his key & lo & behold, guess what sat on the front passenger seat?
(insert stupid moment here)
We have got till Nov to decide to either buy the house we're in (not) or move. We choose to move. We have found the perfect home, it's a mobile home, now to find somewhere to put the damn thing.
4 bedrooms, an office for Jeff, 2 living areas, a HUGE kitchen & pantry, big utility rooms, 3 bathrooms. I'll be in 7th heaven if we get it.
Anyone remember my huge work dilemma?
It has arisen again. Same job, same company, I finally interviewed, It pays MUCH more than IM making now, so keep your fingers crossed. A few of you know the issues I face @ current job, & how its pretty much dissolved 1 friendship, so all loyalties aside. I'm taking it if it goes thru.