Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Randomness, or aka workblogging part 464,767,886,702,348,972,578,6576

hurting like hell today. Haven t ached like this in some time. There are days when I forget I have FM/CFS. Other days it slams me in the face as a nice little reminder. Like the days I cannot keep awake. Oh how I love falling asleep in the bathroom! Or dozing off at my desk & in my shallow sleep, making some moaning-ish sound. Yeah, loads of fun.
Had a near panic attack today. I was getting a DHL packet ready for OKC & looked at my hand. No engagement ring! I FREAKED! I rarely ever take it off. I tore my car apart, my purse, looked all over the office & sent out an office wide email to have them keep their eyes open. I called mom to have her check my desk, just in case. No ring. SHIT.
She walked to the other bathroom & checked the cabinet. No ring. SHIT SHIT. Looked around some more & there in the bath floor, it lay. WOO HOOOOOO. I don't have to get an ass whooping from Jeff. I have to go get that thing resized. I don't want to go thru that ever again!
Had a baby scare Sunday night. Jessica called & thought her water had broke. So her dr says to have her come in to the hospital. We go get her & sit up there til 1 am. Come to find out, the little shit & Andrew were getting it on earlier & as the Dr. put it..."What goes up, must come down." UGH
However, the look on her face was priceless.....
Gotten addicted to myspace surveys lately. Have a look.
Friday, we had company. It was supposed to be Abigail inviting her BFF Sandy over for the night, turns out Sandy never informed her Dad. lol, they were going camping. Before we knew this, I had told Kayla she could invite her BFF Valerie over as well. Well, she invited Valerie, & Rachel & Lois......The Gruesome Foursome.lol
They were surprisingly good tho. May be having them over again this weekend if Sandy can come. Should be tons of fun......
Either that or I'm just freaking nuts.
Sitting here jamming to tunes @ work while I blog. Gotta love it.
I have my mp3 in one ear, the other open so I can hear whats going on around me.
Work has been a total bitch of late. I'm so burned out. Cant hardly wait til June to get away for a week. Don't even mind the long ass drive just so I can get away. However, I have a feeling Ill walk into the 7th layer of hell when I come back.
By the way, a special thanks to out men & women serving our country. Especially the hot ass Marines. lol