Thursday, July 30, 2009

There are days

When it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. I wake up this morning at 4am, after being awake til almost 2am , have hell getting back to sleep, then alarm goes off at 7, i get up 15 minutes later. I hurt. I really hurt all over.
I drag myself to the bathroom, discover my 'friend' has shown up for a visit (sorry guys), drop things all over the bathroom, struggle for over 15 minutes trying to make a contact go in my eye.
Get to work late, after almost being hit head on in the QT parking lot.My desk is covered in files, more files being dumped on my desk, files on the floor, in buckets near my desk, all for me to do. 'Oh Deborah, Im gonna have you help me with this' & 'So & so needs your help'
Get into a discussion over the healthcare bill at work, Boss says if it goes into effect & they are taxed as many are saying will happen to the employers, the business will likely go under. NEVER heard back from the interview I had with the other company, not that I relaly expected to. Oh well.Got denied help from one agency, which means more financial shot to take on plus I will have to figure out how to pay for my daughters braces beyond the cut off date, as she just lost all medical. SHIT.
Next week we're supposed to take the boys back to Michigan. As much as Id like my peace back, Im worried about them going back.But thats a whole other story for another blog. Because of that trip, my check will be 2 days short, knocking a big chunk off my pay. I have no vacation or sick time. & wont til after January
of 2010. (If I still have a job then..... )
SO that means I'll once again be short on paying bills.
I hate my fucking life sometimes.
Then looked at my bank account. $34. in the hole.
I give up.


lucifarian said...

So when's the next blog update? It has been quite some time. Then again, I can't complain too much since I have no blog of my own to update!

Debb said...

shortly...later today. lol
Im not too good at this of late.