Tuesday, March 17, 2009

so its been awhile updating. getting good at that.......
Baby is still missing, no idea where she is at the moment, moved the niece here a couple weekends ago & now shes filing for the custody in tulsa court system. Im hoping there will be a lot easier movement thru our system than the redneck backwoods town of Ponca City. What a joke they were. Hopefully we'll have news soon.
the house fell thru, the car fell thru, getting credit right now is a bitch, so we'll both be working to re establish our credit to a higher score. Sigh......pain in the ass I tell ya
Seems my old alma mater is working on a reunion for this year. ACK! reunion when Im fat?
OMFG haha On a side note, I do find it amazing how several people who wouldnt have anything to do with me in high school are now trying to friend me on facebook. Hmmmmmmm Interesting. If you ask & get denied I dont give a crap about ya.lol

On another note, its bene interesting catching up with a few that I havent seen since then. Some I wished Id kept touch with. A few, it's amazing how much life has changed them. I suppose Ive changed quite a bit as well.
things at home have been....interesting. Again, if you have access to my other blog, read on for an eyeful.