Thursday, June 26, 2008

random stuff

I know, I know, I promised trip photos. We're working on getting them up on a website. I was going to do that tonight but we had a baby instead. :0
Baby, My niece Jessica finally had her little girl. Alyssa haylen Dowell entered the world today at 5:09 P.M. She was 6 lbs. 12 oz & 20" long. happy birthday Alyssa

It's been a crazy 3 days back at work, busy as hell, not just the normal hectic workday stuff, but also playing catch up from my week off. Nice to know Im missed & needed.....................
Supposed to have a house full of kids this weekend. We shall see. Kayla aka Bean Butt, is inviting over the other 3 of the Fearsome Foursome. That is always a blast......
Abigail, aka Manly Stanley, is inviting over her BFF Sandy. The 2 of them together, I'm sire will drive me insane.